Increasing population leads to unemployment in india

Till now, the rural farmers followed the old farming methods. This development is good for the economy and society of India, but strictly in terms of population, this advancement has further enhanced the increase in population. Rapid rate of growth of population has been the root cause of food problem.

In India, most of the population live in the rural areas. In addition, abortion is not allowed by several religions that are followed in India.

Overpopulation: 9 Important Consequences faced by Overpopulation

Land is very limited in comparison to population. In fact, in Islam, one of the leading religions of India, children are considered to be gifts of God, and so the more children a woman has, the more she is respected in her family and society. Population explosion results in the shortage of even the most basic resources like food.

Farmers remain unemployed for most time of the year. Several government-funded agencies like the Family Planning Association of India spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on promoting family planning. This means that if the number of people increases the carrying capacity, the mere survival of human beings poses a threat to the lives of all human beings.

Due to these reasons, a major part of the population is either illiterate or has the most minimum education leading them to accept minimal work in which they cannot even support themselves. This has reduced the opportunities of diverting a larger proportion of incomes to saving and investment.

Due to the increasing number of people, the competition for the most menial jobs is also tremendous. Briefly speaking, population explosion hinders the economic development. Poverty leads to an increase in the population, because poverty leads people to produce more children to increase the earning members of the family.

Besides this, the government also does not take adequate step in this direction. Also, in a country like India, it is important for the women to have equal rights in the decision about the number of children to be produced.

But the employment opportunities did not increase according to the proportionate rate of population growth. The rate of industrial growth is slow.

It means large additional expenditure on their rearing up, maintenance, and education. This way, the population might eventually come close to being under control and more people may get better job opportunities and further education.

Is this what we want for our children? India, being a developing country, has had to face several economic and political challenges. To accommodate increasing population, new cities and towns are developed at the cost of agriculture, forests etc. Defective planning is the one of the cause of unemployment.

The faulty employment planning of the Government expedites this problem to a great extent. These factories lead to various kinds of pollution, including water pollution. In countries like the United States U.With the increasing population, unemployment rates are bound to rise even further.

Several highly educated people with Bachelors and Master’s degrees in India sit. This slow growth fails to provide enough unemployment opportunities to the increasing population.

(iii) Increase in Population: Constant increase in population has been a big problem in India. through its arteries to alleviate the current situation because with the addition of population is increasing unemployment, an issue which must always stand inversely in relation with each other.

Key word Employment, Unemployment, population growth The definition of problem. In India, population explosion is the result of high birth rate. High birth rate reduces health and welfare of women. Frequent pregnancy without having a gap is hazardous to the health of the mother and the child.

Every nook and corner of India is a clear display of increasing population. Whether you are in a metro station, airport, railway station, road, highway, bus stop, hospital, shopping mall, market.

(iii) Increase in Population: Constant increase in population has been a big problem in India. It is one of the main causes of unemployment. The rate of unemployment is % in 10th Plan. (iv) Agriculture is a Seasonal Occupation: Agriculture is underdeveloped in India.

It provides seasonal employment.

What are the causes of unemployment in India?

Large part of population is dependent on agriculture. But agriculture being seasonal provides work for a few .

Increasing population leads to unemployment in india
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